Believe you can and you’re halfway there.
— Theodore Roosevelt



My name is Anastasia Allison.  I'm a former park ranger, backpacking instructor, health and wellness lover and adventure consultant.  I'm also the founder of The Joy Wire (click here to check it out).

I've been obsessed with the wilderness my entire life, but when I decided to start climbing/backpacking I was faced with a few issues:

A) struggling with my health/nutrition and fatigue

B) I had no freaking clue what I was doing.  Seriously, I did not remember to bring toilet paper on my first climb.  

C) I felt "stuck" in my personal life - I used the mountains as an escape, but I didn't know how to bring the natural feeling of connectedness and joy that I experienced in the wilderness, into my "normal" life.

What started for me as a love of the mountains and adventure has had a ripple effect into every area of my life - my personal growth, career, health, relationships and happiness.  My mission in life is to teach others how transform their lives using the wilderness as a "teacher", to help people get "unstuck" in any area of life, and connect to the infinite joy on our amazing planet.   

Anastasia runs a (free) mountain-inspired hiking and backpacking FB group called, "Toward the Mountaintop Inch By Inch".  Click here to request membership in the group.