About me and about coaching.

After living under the expectations of what my life, "should" look like for nearly 20 years, a near-fatal car accident changed everything for me. In an act of inspired desperation, I hired a coach (which is something that, previously, seemed silly and frivolous to me). Committed to the process, she guided me on a journey to find my own, adventure-inspired way in a world that said that such a life was not possible.

Through the process of my own transformation, and under the guidance of a Master NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Trainer, I created my own niche of Inspired Adventure Coaching. I use the wilderness as a lens with my clients to see life with more clarity. My job is not to give advice or to provide judgement or to tell you, "what to do"... rather, I see myself as a gentle trail blaze along your path - guiding you to discover that you hold the compass of your own life within your heart.

I cannot stress enough that this is a life-changing process of transformation. As such, I require a minimum commitment of at least 3 sessions. I work with clients who are 100% ready to consciously design the life of their dreams. It is available for you right now - all we need to do is discover it.

Coaching packages start at $450. Please submit the form below for more information, or to schedule a complimentary 20-minute call.


I am currently accepting private clients for coaching in three specific areas:

Stuck to Summit: This one-on-one coaching program is designed for individuals who feel "stuck" in their life, but are not sure how to proceed or even where to start in order to find deep fulfillment. Using the wilderness as our guide, we will dive deep and discover a pragmatic, yet transformative process to discover true fulfillment. 

Aspiring Adventurepreneurs: Do you feel completely unfulfilled in your career and find yourself wishing that you could, "hike for a living"... or pursue "that one idea" that you've been too terrified to share? Do you find yourself on a roller coaster of business ideas, but never making any meaningful progress? Do you feel called to do something more meaningful in your career, but have absolutely no clue how to start? This coaching program is for you! Coaching will give you not only the skills to push through obstacles - but will also provide a pragmatic approach that gets, most importantly, results. Along the way, I will be your guide and provide accountability so that you can truly create a career that reignites your own spark for life.

Tactical Happiness (for First Responders): As a law enforcement officer for nearly 15 years, I had the opportunity to participate in numerous mindfulness exercises and peer support training. I understand the demands of the profession, and I understand that those demands often ripple into our "personal" lives - very often causing feelings of unfulfillment or unease. This is not therapy for PTSD or serious mental illness - rather, this is a process through which we will work together to design a more balanced, happy life - on and off the street. This is a step-by-step approach to discovering who you are, beyond the badge. 

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