3 bodyweight workouts that will make you hate me.

When I first started travelling for work, I found myself very quickly sinking into some pretty crummy fitness/health habits.  Eating out.  Making excuses not to visit the gym.  Lying in the hotel bed.  I would come home from a week away and feel TERRIBLE.  Obviously, being at home and having a routine is so much easier, but I started to realize that the poor eating and lack of exercise that I experienced during a week of travelling was filtering into my normal routine as well, even after I returned home.  I realized that being fit/healthy is a lifestyle, not something that I do when it is convenient for me.  And so, I set out to find a way to make it happen. 

I travel a lot.  Here's a secret:  I hate travelling, unless it is for a vacation.  I hate staying in crappy hotels.  I hate that lonely feeling of being in a hotel room by myself at night.  I don't like waking up in an unfamiliar place - wondering why I'm not at home, being attacked by my cats.  The most difficult thing about travelling is sticking to a workout/nutrition program.  Over the past few years, I've travelled a lot and I think I've got it figured out.  I spend a lot of time in hotels where the gym is entirely sub-par (i.e. think : so packed with mediocre treadmills that there is not enough room to do a push up), and out of necessity, I have become an expert in "hotel parking lot work-outs".  Yep, these are the workouts that you do in the back corner of the parking lot, where you hope nobody sees you, but every once in awhile you catch some creeper looking out the window. 

1.  EMOM - Jump Squats, Push-ups and jumping lunges.  You WILL hate me after this workout.  I have done this 2x total, and both times I pretty much wanted to give up on round 13.  Hang in there - you will feel super amazing and accomplished when you are done.  If you take BCAAs to aid in muscle repair/recovery - this is a perfect one for those.  Currently, I'm using Amped Recover BCAA's (contact me for more info - I want to stick to the workouts in this post for brevity).  Disclaimer: I filmed this video on a bonus round of the workout - so I am not quite as peppy as I was in round 1. 

Every minute on the minute: 10 jump squats (mod - no jump) 10 push-ups (mod - on knees or against bench) 10 pairs jumping lunges (mod - no jump and only do 10 total) 15 minutes total! By round 13, if you still like me, something is wrong with you!

2.  Dallas NYKO Special!

I created this workout in honor of an event that I attended in Dallas, TX.  The photo you see in the background was actually my view from the completely empty pool deck on the 9th floor of my hotel where I did the workout - how cool is that??  It was awesome and exhilarating!  Modifications: take out the jumps if needed, do push ups on your knees, and do jumping jacks instead of air jacks. 

3.  Just don't hate me. 

If you aren't sure what a particular exercise is, just "google it" and you should be able to find a description :)  When I do this little gem at a hotel, typically I just run around the hotel for the running portion.  I am NOT a treadmill runner - is there anything more mind numbing and/or boring than cardio gym equipment??  If I spend 2 minutes on a treadmill or elliptical, I am pretty much ready to throw in the towel.  Keep it exciting and fun, or you won't stick to it. 

Hope these give you some good ideas to keep your workouts fun and interesting at home or on the road.  Next - I'm planning to dive into the nutrition aspect of staying healthy and energetic while travelling.