I have a good excuse.

I've been absent from writing for a few days, but I promise, it's for a good reason.   

You see, when you like to write about adventures... that means you actually have to go off and have them... which means zero cell service and internet access (which I LOVE!!).

So here's my latest excuse:

Aaron and I at Druid Arch. 

Aaron and I at Druid Arch. 


Aaron and I just finished a four day trip through the Needles in Canyonlands.  I had never been to Canyonlands, so I had no idea what to expect - but WOW.  Mind. Blown.  We saw almost zero people (which may or may not have been on account of the sub-freezing temperatures) and had such an incredible time exploring - it truly is a natural playground for adults who still act like kids and like to climb around on rocks with a semi-realistic chance of falling. 


I'll share details about our trip and our route soon - needless to say, we WILL be coming back.  The Maze area of the Canyonlands is calling my name, but the 4WD road leading to the Maze and my Honda Fit might have a few discrepancies to figure out before that time. 

Can't wait to share more - until then, keep climbing!