Hi, I’m Anastasia!

I love playing the violin, drinking good coffee and I am perpetually on the search for the perfect chocolate chip cookie (if you find it, please let me know!). I’m also thoroughly obsessed with the wilderness.

When I was a little kid, somebody asked me what I wanted to be and I said, “A rock collector, a writer, a ballerina, a soccer player and an adventurer.”

As it turns out, I wasn’t entirely wrong: I still love collecting rocks (and climbing them), I’m a prolific writer, and I have devoted my entire life to sharing my love of the wilderness with others.

At a young age, I became obsessed with the wilderness, and it only got “worse” as I matured. I started backpacking and climbing mountains – I’ve even traveled to South America and the Himalayas to pursue my deep love of adventure.

Along the way, I started writing about my experiences in the mountains – specifically, I was interested in using the lessons that I was learning in the wilderness as a vehicle for change in my “normal” life.

Life’s most challenging moments made sense to me through the lens of the trails I had hiked and the mountains I had climbed.

Each moment in my life, each lesson, each stumble has been guiding me on this path. Now is the time to leave the comfort of the trailhead and do what I do best while inspiring others to do the same: start climbing.

Stumbling on my Path

As I started to share my heart with the world, I saw this passion as a “hobby” – not something that I could pursue for my career. While continuing to develop my mountaineering and backpacking skills, I had the honor to serve for nearly 7 years as a park ranger and five years as a police officer.

But all the while amidst my day-to-day duties and full-time career, I still felt a deep calling to pursue my dream of becoming a “professional adventurepreneur,” by helping others find inspiration and empowerment in the outdoors, just like I had done.

But, like many people, I felt stuck.

I wasn’t sure if I could really leave my life as I knew it and blaze a new trail for myself. I looked at other people living their dream, and I thought that they were “lucky,” but not me. I was terrified of failure and of looking irresponsible and reckless.

The Spark that Changed it All

A near-fatal car accident changed everything. In those terrifying moments, and the weeks afterwards, I admitted to myself that I was playing small, and that I wasn’t doing exactly what I was placed on this earth to do.

With the mountains as my guide, I immersed myself in uncovering the limiting beliefs that were holding me back in life. I learned tangible techniques that allowed me to have the confidence and authenticity that I desired to share with the world. In short, I re-discovered “me.”

After nearly a decade-and-a-half in law enforcement, I quit my job and decided to devote my life to my true calling as an inspired adventurepreneur: I decided to use my deep connection to adventure and the wilderness as a vehicle to help inspire change in the lives of other, like-minded adventurous women and men.

You and me – we speak the same language…

We know what it is like to watch the sunrise across an alpine lake.

We know what the wind feels like on the summit of a hard-earned peak.

We know what it is like to go home after a weekend of climbing and wish that we could feel that inspired, all the time.

We know what it feels like to look at the mountains and think, “If only…”

My Vision and Mission

What started for me as a love of the mountains and adventure has had a ripple effect into every area of my life – my personal growth, career, health, relationships and overall sense of happiness. When I finally learned how to get out of my own way, I realized that anything was possible.

The reality that you want is available for you too – and it is my mission in life to show you how to find the answers that have been inside you all along.

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