Send a Violin-Gram!

Do you want to nominate somebody to receive one? Who do you know who needs a little extra motivation or a little happiness and music in their life? Do you want to send a message to somebody in an unexpected and special way? Send them a violin-gram!

I am a classically trained violinist, and a backcountry violinist with the Musical Mountaineers. You can see a story about my backcountry violin habit here.

Please nominate somebody to receive a violin-gram, and upon selection, we will discuss the messaging and music selection. Your violin gram will be posted via a Facebook live video, or from you, on an unlisted YouTube link that only you will have access to (but you will be free to share it anyway that you see fit!).

Depending on song choice and my schedule (I like to hike a lot!), please plan for at least 3-7 days for delivery of your video.

  • Please include details about who you're nominating, your song request, and any additional information that will help me create this violin-gram!