Recipe: superfoods hiking coffee

#1, I am in no way compensated by any of these companies to recommend their products - I purchased everything that I'm using with my own money.   

#2, I am a complete and utter coffee snob.  I am the person who travels with a French press, because I refuse to drink, "sub par" coffee.   

What am I drinking right now??  Currently, I'm sipping on Kimera Koffee.  It is pre-ground, so it's easy to travel with (don't worry, I have a burr grinder at home - I'm not COMPLETELY uncivilized). 

On the bag, the coffee states:

- boosted energy levels

- optimized focus and concentration

- enhanced athletic performance

 Holy heck - all of those things sound great, right?!  The coffee is infused with, 'cognitive enhancers', which is allegedly a good thing (who doesn't want more cognition, right?).  I don't know if I feel more focused or like a better athlete when I drink this coffee, in comparison to other coffees... but I do really like the taste of it.  It brews great in my little French press or my Ninja Coffee Bar.  


My coffee evolution has gone something like this:

A little bit of coffee with my creamer and sugar.... to 6 pumps of vanilla and a quart of milk and a splash of coffee + foam... to americano with about 1/2 cup of half-n-half... to coconut milk and coffee ... to ghee and coffee ... to black coffee... and now, finally, to superfoods hiking coffee.  I really feel that this iteration of the progression is essentially the ultimate combination of my entire coffee drinking life - with the added benefit that it supports my recreation time in a somewhat productive manner (or at least I pretend that it does).  

And so, I bring you my recipe for Superfoods Hiking Coffee - which is basically a dumbed down version of Bulletproof Coffee - but without the ultra-excessive price tag, and significantly less fat, and quite a bit less aloofness.  

Yes, there is a cat on my slippers.  

Yes, there is a cat on my slippers.  

The Laird superfoods creamer is a brand that I found online.  If you look for them on Amazon, you will notice that the price is almost embarassingly high - I would definitely not recommend purchasing it on Amazon.  You can get it much cheaper through Thrive market online or through their own website.  

How do I use this coffee?  Honestly, the "hiking coffee" is a little bit of a misnomer, because I drink it almost every day - it's really that creamy and delicious.  BUT, it has a special place in my heart for a pre-hike beverage ... it's warm, creamy and nutritious, plus, caffeine.  Is there any other way to start a hike?  

One quick note - blending in a blender is absolutely CRITICAL to maximize the creamy, frothy, foamy deliciousness factor.  I HIGHLY recommend blending it.  If you stir it, you run the risk of clumps - consider yourself warned.  

Let me know if you try it and what you think!