How to make (the best) superfoods coffee for hiking!

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How to make (the best) superfoods coffee for hiking!

I am a complete and utter coffee snob.  I am the person who travels with a French press, because I refuse to drink, “sub par” coffee.

What am I drinking right now??  Currently, I’m sipping on J5 Emperor’s Espresso Blend.

J5 Coffee is THE MOST ADORABLE little coffee shop in Leavenworth, Washington.  It is owned locally by a husband and wife, who also roast their own coffee.  My husband and I found this spot on our last trip to the east side of the mountains, and it is amazing.  I 100% recommend an Americano with almond milk + some of the 5 Sparrows brand white chocolate blended in.  Pretty much the best coffee drink that I have ever experienced.

How do I make my coffee?  Lately, I have been making drip coffee in my Ninja coffee station, but I also switch it up between my French Press and my Chemex.  My husband got me a Rancilio burr grinder as an extremely generous gift as well.  Did you know that you can spend THOUSANDS of dollars on burr grinders for coffee?  When I move into my dream house in a few years (because, it’s going to happen), my plan is to purchase a commercial espresso machine so that I can feed my obsession even more.

But I digress… let’s get to the coffee.

My coffee evolution has gone something like this:

A little bit of coffee with my creamer and sugar…. to 6 pumps of vanilla and a quart of milk and a splash of coffee + foam… to americano with about 1/2 cup of half-n-half… to coconut milk and coffee … to ghee and coffee … to black coffee… and now, finally, to superfoods hiking coffee.  I really feel that this iteration of the progression is essentially the ultimate combination of my entire coffee drinking life – with the added benefit that it supports my recreation time in a somewhat productive manner (or at least I pretend that it does).

And so, I bring you my recipe for Superfoods Hiking Coffee – which is basically a dumbed down version of Bulletproof Coffee – but without the ultra-excessive price tag, and significantly less fat, and quite a bit less aloofness.

Yes, there is a cat on my slippers.  

Yes, there is a cat on my slippers.

The Laird superfoods creamer is a brand that I found online.  If you look for them on Amazon, you will notice that the price is almost embarassingly high – I would definitely not recommend purchasing it on Amazon.  You can get it much cheaper through Thrive market online or through their own website.

My favorite brand of ghee is 4th and Heart Vanilla Bean infused ghee.  Try it, and I promise you will not be disappointed.  It is also completely decadent on pancakes.  And yes, I’m a pancake snob too … if you are also a pancake snob, I highly recommend Birchbenders Micro Pancakery.  They win an award in my book, simply for calling themselves a “Micro Pancakery”.

How do I use this coffee?  Honestly, the “hiking coffee” is a little bit of a misnomer, because I drink it almost every day – it’s really that creamy and delicious.  BUT, it has a special place in my heart for a pre-hike beverage … it’s warm, creamy and nutritious, plus, caffeine.  Is there any other way to start a hike?

One quick note – blending in a blender is absolutely CRITICAL to maximize the creamy, frothy, foamy deliciousness factor.  I HIGHLY recommend blending it.  If you stir it, you run the risk of clumps – consider yourself warned.

Let me know if you try it and what you think!

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