Weekly workouts + Valentine’s Tabata


Weekly workouts + Valentine’s Tabata

“All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.

— Charles Schulz

Happy Valentine’s Day!  I’m actually writing this the day before, so technically it isn’t Valentine’s Day yet.  I’m actually not a huge Valentine’s fan – I’m sure that comes as a shock to most of you – ha!  But seriously, I think it is sort of a silly holiday, BUT if you like Valentine’s Day, I say go for it – every person is different!  A few years back, Aaron surprised me and bought me a bottle of wine and some chocolates for Valentine’s Day, which was 100% unexpected, and I have to admit – I really liked that – but it had nothing to do with Valentine’s Day at all.  I liked it because it was wine and chocolate, and a gift from the most handsome man I’ve ever seen.

I’m doing a program right now where I count my macros – i.e. I consume a specific amount of carbs/proteins/fats per day.  I’ve absolutely LOVED doing this, and have noticed a huge increase in my performance.  The best part about this plan is that 1x per week, I have a “refeed day” – this is a day where I eat MASS QUANTITIES of carbs in order to boost leptin production in my body – leptin is the chemical which helps to regulate the metabolism in your body.  So, staying at a set macro level for 6 days out of the week causes leptin levels to slowly decrease… but having a refeed day (i.e. controlled overeating) boosts those levels up and gives a “jolt” to the metabolism.  It also means that I can go to sushi with Aaron!  My refeed day falls on Tuesday every week, and I was so sad to see that Tuesday is also Valentine’s Day, which means that EVERYBODY ELSE is also going to be going out on “date night”.  DAGNABBIT VALENTINE’S DAY – WHY ARE YOU MESSING WITH MY REFEED DAY?!?

Ok, rant over.  I’m excited to dress up 1x this week and spend time with my husband, even if it does fall on Valentine’s Day – I promise, we’ll be the only people out on a date night because of a refeed day.

How was your week?  Good workouts?  Inconsistent workouts?  Here was my week in workouts:

2/6 – intentional rest day – wahoo!

2/7 – 1 hour strength bootcamp at the gym consisting of:

50 reverse curls

50 push ups

  • 30 step ups onto bench (each leg) holding 25lbs
  • 100 tricep kickbacks (I used 10lbs each arm)
  • 50 overhead tricep extensions (heavy weight – I used one 20lb weight)
  • 100 tricep dips with heavy weight on lap (I put 40lbs on my lap)
  • 50 chest press w/ heavy weights (I used 20lb dumbbells)
  • 50 chest fly with medium weights (I used 12’s)
  • 100 glute lifts each leg with 1 heavy dumbbell behind knees (I used 20lb)
  • 100 reverse curls
  • 100 crunches
  • 100 twists with 20lb medicine ball
  • 50 bicep curls (10lb weights)
  • 50 hammer curls (10lb weights)
  • 100 body weight squats (all the way to sitting position while straddling a bench)


  • 45 minute circuit where I forgot to jot down each exercise that I did, but it consisted of 13 different exercises @ 1min 20 seconds each – two times total.

2/9 – boot camp

  • 20 back and forth sprints
  • wood choppers (i.e. wood chopping motion with the one handle weight machine) 1.5 min each side
  • squat with a straight arm press on weight machine (3 min)
  • lunge with bicep curl – each leg 1.5 min
  • ball throw with static lunge – each leg 1.5 min
  • one arm press with static lunge – each leg 1.5 min
  • 75 goblet squats with 25lbs
  • 75 squat pulses with 25lbs
  • 75 lunges each side w/25lbs
  • 100 toe touch with cross
  • 100 bicycle crunches
  • cardio series: 30 air jacks + 30 high knees/20 air jacks + 20 high knees/10 air jacks + 10 high knees/5 air jacks + 5 high knees … repeat 5x

2/10 – cardio/core circuit 1 min 20 sec per exercise – 2 rounds total:

  • butt kickers
  • 4 front kicks/2 jumping jacks
  • standing sprint on spin bike
  • plank hold with one arm row w/ resistance band
  • jump rope
  • reverse curl
  • line hops (for approx 20ft distance) and sprint back to start
  • crunch with medicine ball pass under knees
  • decline sit up with 20lb ball
  • step up split jumps with 7lb dumbbells in each hand
  • side hop with side kick
  • plank ups with diagonal alternating toe/arm reach
  • burpees on bosu ball

2/11 – rest day, basically did nothing

2/12 – 6.5 hour snowshoe climb of Dirty Harry’s Peak … 3200′ gain, very slow going snowshoe hike due to mass quantities of downed trees, etc…

Snowshoe selfie with Brenda. 

Snowshoe selfie with Brenda.

Summit shot! 

Summit shot!

Extreme snowshoeing

Extreme snowshoeing

Summit views - not too shabby! 

Summit views – not too shabby!

2/13 – HIIT Circuit, 1 min 10 seconds per exercise (or combo of exercises) 3x total:

  • one arm bicep curl with weight machine while standing on one leg (opposite leg)
  • press jacks w/ 7lb dumbbells
  • 10 squats holding 25lb plate, followed by 10 tricep dips
  • 1 legged squats while holding TRX followed by small hop
  • hyperextension while holding small dumbbell or plank up
  • jump rope
  • lat pull down (I did 60lbs) or one arm row (I did 20lbs)
  • 10 curls/5 squats with resistance band (I used red band)
  • bicep curl into anterior shoulder raise (I used 10lbs)
  • split jumps on a step

And here’s a Valentine’s Tabata, because it’s fun to put heart icons on things, NOT because I love Valentine’s Day.

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